Our Story

Viva la Vida Foundation was formed to train people in the areas of agriculture, architecture, and depollution work. The earth and everything living on it - plants, animals, humans - are affected by the degradation of our overall environment. Our soils, water, and air are polluted by a multiplicity of chemical pollutants, but also the atmosphere is polluted by EMF (electromagnetic fields), Wifi signals, and radioactivity.

One solution to cleaning and healing the earth is through the use of homeopathically made preparations. Based on the work of the holistic scientist Rudolf Steiner and his indications for Biodynamic agriculture, the Eureka Institute in Italy has developed highly effective preparations for application to soils as one method to help the Earth heal itself.

Another step to help support a healthy environment is the specific layout of a farm or garden to enhance the natural healing abilities of the plants and even the therapeutic aspects of architectural structures. This entire system of working with nature, and the application of methods and products to depollute areas from contamination while enhancing the vitality and healing capacity of the earth and water, is known as the Trinium method of agriculture.